Sunday, January 30, 2005

Here lies the truth in honor,and valor. Here lies a small glimce of what those who have sacraficed ,more than most of us, and more than we could ever come to realize. This is why we should support all of our troops from every battle and war. With much love , thanks, and and prayers, from my family to you and yours. Please see this and listen, But most of all please help to support our troops and never forget them.

Ed Kashi• Wounded in the line of duty
Link came from MSNBC on-line.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Another small sermen?

Revelation; 6

It seems that the breaking of the seven seals has or is now happening, things that must happen before the trumpets are blown and the final blow to our earthy home, rid of sinners who hate God and Jesus.

To all who hear and can must realize we ARE on that path toward the time of Jesus's return. Some of us won't see the time of the rapture. Now is the time to show if
we are faithfull to God.

I looked, and there in front of me was a white horse. It's rider carried a bow, and a crown was placed upon his head; he rode out to conquer in many battles and win the war.
Then he unrolled the scroll to the second seal and broke it open, too. And I heard the second Living Being say"Come!"
This time a red horse rode out. It's rider was given a long sword and the authority to banish peace and bring anarchy to the earth; war and killing broke out everywhere.

The next seal, i feel sad to say, is i believe soon to come. Look at how high prices are rising.........

When he had broken the third seal, I heard the third Living Being say, "Come!" And I saw a black horse, with it's rider holding a pair of balances in his hand. and a voice came from among the four Living Beings said, "A loaf of bread for $20, or three pounds of barley flour, but there is no olive oil or wine."

The rest of the seals i fear are to be far more worse than we anticapate. We've personally seen killing from war, famine and disease........but the wrath of God, we shouldn't take so lightly.
Each of things things to come, come in turn, in order. Sense thats the case, the other seals will be much worse than anyone's ever seen.
Well thats it for my ramblings for now. God Bless all, and God speed to those who need to turn toward the Lord God.

Monday, December 27, 2004


Sorry, couldn't think of a good title. Well Christ-mas is over for this year.......and now its time to go threw all of our possesions. I think my son recieved more gifts combined than everyone else recieved combined. Now i'm waited for the best gift yet to come........a new job. i think right now i'd give just about everything i own to have a much better job. Now i'm down to 20 hrs. a week.
i understand about not getting 40 hrs. so they dont have to pay for some health ins. but 20 hrs. a week? Anyone have any info on home school(on-line) thats cheap but yet the college credits are acepted everywhere? I think its time for a new avenue. School now, pay later....would be very nice. As to what type of job to school for............anything that not seasonal, and pays at least 12 an hr. would be nice, yeup thats all i ask...ohhh and as close to 40 hrs. or more a week. well my peepers are blinking and my brain is turning into mush now, so off i go, night all, sweet dreams and God Bless you all!

Saturday, December 18, 2004


Where have all our favorite Christmas movies gone? I've notices how few we get to see anymore. Now days it's all i can do to make sure my child doesn't see these in-your window sex advertisments and shows and movies while there's still daylight outside.

Well America.......ever wonder about all those elders were talk'n about? If not, well we all should listen much more closely to the truth not, what we want to hear. WAKE-UP AMERICA!!! The answers to our problems lay in our histories past......... A good time frame to take perticular attention to would be the 20's - 40's . Does no one see how our country is doing a downward slide instead of a up-ward climb? The time is NOW to make our country something to be proud of. Any and all battles are worth fighting for. well anyways enough babbling on from me.......God bless you all..........Merry Christ-mas! and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Nothing much here.........

Well Thanksgiving has passed and now enters Christmas. Ever wonder how many times a person can be offended? How about times you may have offended others? Now is especially a good time to put more thought on our own actions and words as we buisily go about our days seemingly in a hurry to complete our lists for Christmas. Now is even a good time to start new goals and better relations with others.........why wait till New Years Eve........why prograstinate....
if we start now ,then by New Years Eve we could have gone further with what we have planned to achive and will be in more cheer as it will feel like we are ahead in our plans by the time the new year begins. I know i will.

Anyways i beg you good cheer and be safe and slow down and enjoy some of the natural gifts we already have before its gone. God Bless!!

Friday, November 26, 2004


2 Cor 9:11 Yes, God will give you much so that you can give away much, and when we take your gifts to those who need them they will break out into thanksgiving and praise to God for your help.

Acts 27:35 Then he took some hardtack and gave thanks to God before them all, and broke off a piece and ate it.

Of course i felt i should start this with some scripture. I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Life-Giving Leaders

Mutual Faith Ministries..........A good cause.

Here's one way that we can help the middle east. Mutual Faith Ministries has commited themselves to giving a chance for a much better life for those in the middle east.

Right now there is horrendous challenges in the nations due to terrorism and fanatical cell groups , those spreading fear and leaving destruction everywhere they go.

Thats why it's important to help those who are in the middle east, so then those that are innocent may live a more peacefull life.

If you would please check out, and consider giving to a better way of life.